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Tanks, Vessels & Cyclones

F.P. Engineering fabricates tanks, silos, pressure vessels and cyclones to meet the clients requirements. All design criteria are certified by an independent 3rd party to ensure that all necessary requirements and standards are met.

F.P. Engineering fabricates tanks, silos, hoppers, pressure vessels and cyclones from mild steel, 3CR12 and 304 / 316 stainless steel. All structures, supports and piping nozzles are made to the same required standard as well as to the material specified.

Ducting & Scrubber 3C R12


3 CR 12 Pressure Vessel

Stainless Steel Cyclones

Lime Silo


Latest Projects

Broke storage tank – Super wide abnormal Load

The widest load ever to leave the workshop at 7990mm dia, left on its route to Sappi Ngodwana – GoCell Project. The broke storage tank is made from 316 L stainless steel material and the design code is API 650. An independent Inspectorate was involved with 100 % dye pen testing on all welds with 10% ex ray. Special permission needed and obtained from the RTI – Road traffic Inspectorate – to allow this super wide load to travel to Sappi Ngodwana. A number of strict travel conditions were imposed on the transport company for these trips.

The finished size of the broke storage tank will be 23,4m high and a capacity of 980 m3. The different section will be leaving periodically from the workshop, this will be determined by the return of the transports.

Stainless Steel Vessels

The following items we were manufactured for NCP Alcohols – Durban. The three vessels were made from 304 Stainless steel, in general accordance with ASME VIII (2010). All the vessels were 100 % dye-pen tested, with a visual and hydro test & signed off by a third party.

The vessels were as follows:

  • Contact Reaction Vessel
  • Low grade Flash Vessel
  • Topping column feed tank

Tanks for SAPPI Ngodwana

The following three item were manufactured for the SAPPI Ngodwana Project. All the items were made from 304 stainless steel. The design codes was API 650 with full third part inspection as required by the design code.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Tank
  • Defoamer Tank
  • Dilute Caustic Storage Tank

A Topping Column made from Stainless steel

A Topping Column made from Stainless steel material (ASTM A 312- 304 L) with 70 internal trays was manufactures for NCP Alcohols (Pty) Ltd – Durban. The unit was manufactured to an ASME VIII (2010 A11) Design with full third party inspection and involvement. The unit 1450mm in diameter by 28m long. Weight when finished with tray was 10.5 tones.

The unit was transported by abnormal load to NCP Alcohols in December.

Sappi – Ngodwana GoCell Project

The following warm water tank was fabricated for Sappi – Ngodwana GoCell Project. The warm water tank was designed to API 650 - Hydrostatic Pressure design code with 100% dye pen testing by a third party inspectorate. The warm water tank has a capacity of 200 m3 with the following dimensions & weight:

Height: 21 m
Diameter: 3600mm
Weight: 12 tons

The warm water tank was made form A240 304L stainless steel.
The units was transported to Ngodwana as an abnormal load with escorts. A period of three day was needed to get the unit to Ngodwana.

The following two Hydrogen Peroxide Tanks No 1 & No 2.were fabricated for the Sappi – Ngodwana GoCell project. Both tanks where designed to API 650 design code – Hydrostatic Pressure.
With 100 % Dye pen and 10 % x-rays of all welds
The units had a capacity of 79 m3 each, they were 4.9 m in diameter by 5.5 m high.
The material used was 316 L stainless steel with a galvanised cat ladders and handrails.

Both units were transported to site via abnormal load with escorts.