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CTP based in Graz, Austria is a well-known European company specialized in the design of air pollution control systems. CTP vision is that environmental awareness is far more than complying with environmental laws and regulations. It makes today’s vision, tomorrow’s reality.

For decades, CTP has developed innovative technologies in air pollution control for all types of industries.

F.P. Engineering is in partnership with CTP in South Africa.

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Wilco Machine and Fabrication is based in Oklahoma, USA. Wilco Machine & Fab Inc. is a manufacturer of fabricated and machined equipment, products, and tools for the energy industry worldwide. Having served oil and gas sector customers for more than 30 years, Wilco built and holds the reputation as the provider of superior ASME vessels and tanks as well as bulk material handling equipment, energy services equipment, and machined products and tools.

F.P. Engineering is in a partnership with Wilco for the fabrication within Southern Africa.

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Welcome to Empteezy, we are here to help you comply with legislation, implement best practice and good housekeeping in connection with all your liquid storage applications. As the only company in our industry sector to be ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 accredited we can help you with all your oil storage and chemical storage requirements, from drum storage and IBC secure stores to spill pallets and spill kits. Our service to you can range from a full site assessment of your liquid storage and spill response needs to simple advice by phone or email on the right spill kit, spill pallet or secure store for your chemical or oil storage needs. We also offer a comprehensive range of fork lift truck attachments; Auto Tipping, Auto Dumping and Roll Forward skips for all types of waste

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