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Material Handling

We have designed & manufactured the following material handling equipment such as screw converyors, shaftless screw conveyors, redless conveyors, begass slat conveyors, bucket elavators and belt conveyors, which have handled the following material; manganese dust & stones, wheat, maize, coffee, rice, coal and sugar products and many other materials.

Turn key projects have also been done on cement batching plants.
Shiploaders and hoppers were used in the Maize for Africa (Relief Maize for Africa 1991 / 2).

Some of our projects have been:

  • Ship off loader hoppers
  • Structural steelwork
  • Shaft less screw conveyers
  • Belt conveyors
  • Silos
  • Pipe work
  • Concrete batching plant



Ship Loaders Ship Loaders

Lafarge Concrete Batching Plant

Latest Project

Animal Feed Plant: TSB Molatek Phase 2 – April 2015

Phase 2 of the animal feed plant was completed in April 2015.

The project scope included design, drawings, fabrication, transportation, installation and commissioning.The projected consisted of the following equipment:

Fluidised Bed - FBC
Coal infeed system
Bagasse infeed slat conveyor
6 ton per hour rotary dryer
Cyclone plus structure
8 screw conveyors with chutes
50 kg & 1000 kg bag loading system



Dryer -  November 2014

Two Rotary dryers we manufactured for Scientific Design.

Dryer one was made from Carbon steel (SJ55JR) and VRN 400 with a diameter of 2.2 m x 12.9m long

Weight of this project was 12 tons.

Dryer two was made from Carbon steel (SJ55JR) 12mm plate with a diameter of 2.3m x 11.7m. This unit was made complete with two roller assembles and frames.

Weight of this project was 15 tons

Both units we painted with Aluminium Hat resistant paint



Animal Feed Plant

An order was received for an animal feed plant – Bagasse dryer & associated equipment from TSB Molatek  part of the TSB Sugar group in Malelane.

The project scope included the design, fabrication, delivery to site, installation and the commissioning of all supplied equipment.

This is Phase 1 of the project with Phase 2 happening mid 2014

The following equipment was included:

Coal infeed system
FBC – Fluidised Bed combustor
2.3 t/h dry bagasse  rotary dryer and drive system.
Ducting, support steel and access platforms.
Cyclone and ID Fan

Mogale Alloys

In 2011/12 an order was placed by Scientific Design from Johannesburg to supply the follow equipment for a project at Mogale Alloys. All items were made per the specified manufacture code and to an ISO 9001 standard.

Combustion chamber & Feed chute
2 x set or roller wheel and frames
Support framework
Discharge housing & support bin

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Portable Batching Plant

The following portable batching plant was manufactured for a Durban base company. The plant was designed to be portable for ease of relocation to new production areas.

The plant consists of the following:
Two storage silos & structure
Feed conveyor
Air slide Water scale
Holding hopper
Feed pipe lines
Access cat ladders

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Storage Stores

Working with our UK partners Empteezy/ Jesbra Group, an order was places on The Jesbra group for one Fully enclosed secure drum stores, by a local Durban Company.

The following units were ordered: A custom built CS1

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Storage Stores

Working with our UK partners Empteezy/ Jesbra Group, an order was places on The Jesbra group for two Fully enclosed secure drum stores, by a local Durban Company.

These were the first of their kind to be fabricated in South Africa , under the partnership agreement.

The following two units were ordered:

  • One DS 48SL Walk in store
  • One CBS 02 Walk in store

Rotary Dryer

The following Rotary dryer was designed by a Johannesburg Consultant . The unit had a total end weight of 81 tons this included 2 riding rings of 8 tons each. The rotary dryer was 22 m long and 4.2 m in diameter. The hot section was made from 316L stain less steel material with the balance being done in mild steel material. The unit was welded to a strict AWS D 1.1 standard. Specialised lifting equipment was brought in to lift the unit on to the abnormal trailer for its trip to Johannesburg.


Storage Tank - PAL PAC

A stainless steel storage tank was fabricated for PAL PAC in Pinetown KwaZulu Natal